La Pedrera has inaugurated the Christmas light installation, designed by the MEATS team 2018! The project aims to generate a public debate about the Christmas values taking advantage of the context: La Pedrera facade is probably the most important global screen in Barcelona and Passeig the Gracia is the paradigm of consumerism in the city. This proposal is a matrix of light messages occupying all the main facade. Essentially, we wish to establish a relationship between the observer and the building where the observer interprets the combination of messages, including the word BUY. The words are on a vertical plane 3 meters from the façade, generating dramatic lighting effects due to the complex morphology of La Pedrera.



Project Directors: Toni Montes, Roger Paez.

Tutors: Gabriel Pare, Toni Montes, Roger Paez, Maria de la Camara.

Tutor assistant: Manuela Valtchanova.

Team: Mariana Magalhães, Amira Ihab, Nieves Torbado, Elise Chukri, Ridhima Malhotra, Paritosh Hatolkar, Lijing Wang, Jessica Priscyla, Ihab Al Baraki, Èrica Soler, Estefania Cortes, Camille Moins, Luis Cabrera, Sara Bhaty, Anna Piliugina.

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