UNIT 5.2 – Infrastructures for Public Space Interaction


Infrastructures for Public Space Interactions (IPSI) is a project that takes the COVID 19 crisis as an opportunity to stress the relevance of temporality as a design vector in public space. We understand public space as the temporary articulation between the physicality of spaces and support infrastructures and the relationality of human and more-than-human interaction and performance, i.e., spaces and practices.



 IPSI explores temporary intervention in public space formats as a strategic approach for alternative models of diversity and socio-spatial interaction. The work is centered on the socio-cultural context of Kn60Lab—a flexible space for youngsters, based in Raval district (Barcelona). In this sense, IPSI takes Kn60Lab as a case study to develop temporary socio-spatial proposals with the aim to build and support a context of intersubjectivity, open-endedness and spontaneity.



The design process is structured in four main phases:

01. Spaces and Practices Syntax

02. Future Scenarios

03. Design Briefs

04. Design Proposals


Phase 01


Phase 02/03


Phase 04

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