I. Research

The first phase of this project involves the identification and understanding of the context of the Primavera Sound festival in the broader sense of the term. On one hand, the research approaches the physical environment where the festival takes place and on the other hand, it also studies the global cultural field of big music festivals and the position of Primavera Sound within this culture. We propose this research as a learning process that discovers potentials, possibilities and strategies that are not obvious at first glance but that can be very useful to
achieve the fundamental objectives of the project: to build a particular aesthetic imaginary, and to improve the user experience.

II. Proposals

In order to deepen the strategic nature of this work, we have developed three different design hypothesis and work lines-LandmarksLight and Landscape. Finally we have crossed them all to generate five possible scenarios of five different specific cases, without denying the possibility of other valid combinations. Each of the three lines is understood as well as potentially autonomous, which means that concrete solutions could be oulined
developing separately the strategies proposed by the three design strategies- Landmarks, Light or Landscape alternately.

III. Possible Scenarios

 We have created five final scenarios, which collect specific aspects of each of the three initial lines of work. If we understand these as first courses, second courses and desserts, the
five proposed scenarios would be five balanced menus built from the full variety of dishes.


Project Directors: Toni Montes, Roger Paez

Tutors: Borja Malet, Toni Montes, Roger Paez, Stella Rahola

Tutor assistant: Manuela Valtchanova

Team: Angad Bharaj, Valentina Cabanzo, Isabel Camp, Aina Flores, Susana Giraldo, Dani Guixà, Alejandra Isern, Kuei-lu Lin, Andrea Maita, Kazuhiro Murakami, Mariona Palau, Jose Parralejo, Luciana Pimentel, Santiago Ríos, Emilia Sierra, Pablo Viaplana, Víctor Vidal, Andoni Zamora

Graphic design: Mariona Palau, Kuei-lu Lin

Visualisations: Manuela Valtchanova, Oriol Vives

Photos: Oriol Vives

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