What would we do on the street if there were no cars? MEATS 2020-21 has designed six projects responding to the traffic-free street on the weekends in the city of Barcelona. How can this space, made available by pandemic conditions and Barcelona’s commitment to reducing emissions, be claimed by the public for meaningful use on the weekends when there is no traffic?

Industrial and product designer Curro Claret with MEATS’ Toni Montes led six teams over an intensive three weeks to design new ways to use the street. Each team responded in a different way and presented in a competition format to a panel of judges.

Here they are:
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PA +
by Chloe Rood and Momen Nabil


La Placa de les Coses
by Irini Vazanellis and Elsa Romero



by Julia Llorens, Sasha Zaitceva and Agustina Angelini



Age Friendly Community
by Giulia Tufiarello and Dasstan Bissen



Accidental Live Concert
by Liana Kalaizoglou and Malak Ghemraoui



by John Gillen and Gala Knoph


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