On the 10th and 11th of March 18′, the [ ] Space by MEATS was open to be experienced during the Barcelona-based venue Monumental Club, a festival of music, gastronomy and fashion market that is celebrated once a month in the old bullfighting arena La Monumental. It is conceived as a brand action for Cervezas Alhambra, the main sponsor of the festival.

The philosophy of the brand proposes to create without hurrying, to stop and become aware of what surrounds us. Based on this idea, we have created a pause space, where you can relax and enjoy the vision towards the sky through a well formed by a jealousy of colored glasses inspired by the brand logo, which changes lights and shadows every moment day and night. On the floor, carpets and pillows invite children to play, the older to chat or just to have a nap after having lunch.

The installation is made up of a steel tube structure, a metal mesh and 10,000 glasses of two different colors. The assembly was completed in 12 hours and the disassembly in 5 hours. The Project is 100% removable and all its elements are recoverable, reusable and recyclable.

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