One and Many Lines is the last site-specific installation by MEATS tutored exclusively by the contemporary artist Mar Arza and one of the master´s directors Roger Paez. Hosted at an art center founded around the practice of drawing, we experiment with the line as its most basic element. A simple and instinctive gesture that can take on different degrees of complexity. The process of appropriating the space led us to experience a line without a stroke, to use paper not as a support, but as a material for expression in itself.

The opening is on the 6th of February at 19h at the Centre Artístic Sant Lluc so come and discover how a simple line could become a model for many lines drawn by the public, leading us back to the origin, to drawing—to the primitive gesture of scratching black across the delicate white of the surface.

The installation will be open from the 6th till the 17th of February, 2018.

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