MEATS is really glad to announce that the music festival Primavera Sound has used  in their last edition in June, 2018, a variety of ephemeral installations and design strategies, all of them based on the conceptual project and the suggestions of a multidisciplinary students team from ELISAVA directed by Roger Paez and Toni Montes, MEATS directors, and tutored by Borja Malet y Stella Rahola.

The project covers wide range proposals for intervention in different aspects of the festival. Some of the suggested and implemented improvements are the following:

  • Reduce and homogenise the use of fences
  • Reduce the brand’s aesthetic (specially chromatic) interference
  • Perform brand consistency acts to adapt to the festival’s aesthetics
  • Reinforce the festival’s aesthetics from the auxiliaries’ work (scaffolds, etc), which are highly present at the beach, stages and throughout the festival
  • Clear the toilet area for public purposes
  • Take light as a mechanism to create atmospheres that allow to improve the existing landscape (toilet area)
  • Heighten the city’s image (coast and front Poblenou/Maresme at platform, harbour to the central area and industrial to St. Adrià zone)
  • Integrate the sea to the festival’s aesthetics, providing the breakwater with light and structures (limited to a large PS label in a scaffold)
  • Turning the beach into another stage and a resting area (work with scaffolds to generate seating areas)
  • Increase resting areas (shades, seats, tables, seating areas, etc) and integrate them into the festival (food truck zone at St. Adrià’s beach, resting zone at the toilet area, grandstands and artificial grass at the platform, etc).

We can only congratulate ourselves for the acceptance and the recognition of our proposals in an event as important as the Primavera Sound. You can explore better the project and the design strategies conceived by our team here.


Project Directors: Toni Montes, Roger Paez

Tutors: Borja Malet, Toni Montes, Roger Paez, Stella Rahola

Tutor assistant: Manuela Valtchanova

Team: Angad Bharaj, Valentina Cabanzo, Isabel Camp, Aina Flores, Susana Giraldo, Dani Guixà, Alejandra Isern, Kuei-lu Lin, Andrea Maita, Kazuhiro Murakami, Mariona Palau, Jose Parralejo, Luciana Pimentel, Santiago Ríos, Emilia Sierra, Pablo Viaplana, Víctor Vidal, Andoni Zamora

Graphic design: Mariona Palau, Kuei-lu Lin

Visualisations: Manuela Valtchanova, Oriol Vives

Photos: Adrià Goula i Sardà

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