This year’s seminar project aims to examine the vast area of creative processes, which generate and activate environments, situations, and spaces. It represents an exploration of the intentional concept-based action and its property to unfold phenomenon and new realities. The idea is to understand the interdisciplinary nature of the action, which lends itself to all kind of creative processes, where it can be the vehicle for
communication not only for designers but also for artists, dancers, scenographers, photographers, writers, etc.

MEATS this year will have the opportunity to meet many inspiring Artists in different fields such as; Design, Art, Photography, and Architecture, as a part of their seminar project. Martí Peran would be our guest speaker on the 13th of November at Elisava, not only this but we will be having more talks throughout the whole year with Artists like; Manuela Valtchanova, Jordí Galí, Francesc Torres and Sergio Belinchón. We are looking forward to meeting them in person.

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